Why Alkaline Foods Are Good For You

The food that we eat can be classified as alkaline or acid rich food. Alkaline foods are said to give you some advantages while acid rich foods gives you the opposite. Maintaining a balance between the two is equal to having a balance PH level. But what is PH level and why are alkaline foods good for you?

It is important to maintain a balance PH (Potential Hydrogen) level in our body but most of us are not familiar of what it is. PH is used to measure how much alkaline or acid does our food leave inside our body. It is said that a body that has a balance PH level has the measure of 7.0. Human blood however needs an additional amount of alkaline so a PH measure between 7.35 – 7.45 is still good.

Range of PH levels are from 0 to 14. The more that our PH measure lean towards zero the more acidic a person is. If it is leaning towards 14, it means that the body is very alkaline. However if the measure goes below or above the ideal range, the more problems we are to get. It can cause destruction of cells, which can result for a person to get sick or even get into serious medical problems.

Processed foods are mostly acid rich foods while naturally produced foods are alkaline rich. At the present time, foods that are available in the market are mostly processed which allows us to get more acid intake than our body needs.. This is why it is good to know which are alkaline rich foods for us to be able to maintain balance in our body.
Blood helps your body to function well and since human blood has more alkaline in it, intake of alkaline foods is also good. It is not difficult to find these alkaline rich foods since these are available anywhere. Foods that are produce naturally are mostly rich in alkaline. Fruits and vegetables are just some of it. Having knowledge on what are the various alkaline foods, you will be able to find various ways to cook and enjoy them while helping yourself to have that acid and alkaline balance that you need.

Alkaline rich food does not only affect our blood but also our cells. Too much acid in a person can cause destruction of cells in the body unlike a person who has enough alkaline. Alkaline helps to prevent deterioration of cells. In this regard, aging of a person is slowed down and they tend to feel more energetic and healthy. Other than that, having more alkaline in the body also helps in preventing or healing some diseases.

If you are concern with your health, you should always remember that maintaining balance of everything that we take in is the best way to take care of our body. Too much of everything is harmful. Equipping our selves with knowledge is the best weapon to fight bad elements that can affect our health.