Conceive A Baby Boy By Eating Alkaline Foods?

Aside from conceiving a healthy baby, most mothers would for some reason wish to sometimes be able to choose whether to conceive a baby boy or a baby girl. If you are one of those moms who are trying to conceive a baby boy and wonder how to achieve it, here are some ideas.

A lot has been mentioned about people who have higher calorie intake are most often to conceive a baby boy. This is not always true so before you rush into taking this as a step, you might want to read the whole article first to better understand how eating certain alkaline foods can affect the gender of your baby.

In wanting to conceive a baby boy, it is important for you to maintain a balance PH level in your body. This means that you should not be too acidic or too alkaline. The PH level is greatly affected by the food we eat. It is easier for a person to be acidic rather than being too alkaline. This is due to the availability of processed foods that have high acid content. If your body is high in acid, the boy sperm weakens and die.

In this regard, it is important to provide your body with enough alkaline foods to maintain the balance that you need. Almost all vegetables are rich in alkaline so eating one is a good start. If you will be avoiding acid rich food, try avoiding some fruits, meat and whole grains.

Aside from maintaining balance in your PH level, eating sodium and potassium rich diet also helps in conceiving a baby boy. You might have heard of the sayings that if you want to have a son, eat a lot of bananas to have one. This in a way is true for the main reason that bananas are rich in potassium.

However, bananas are also low in sodium so you might want to try an alternative food rich in both to increase your chances of having a baby boy. Examples of these foods are raisins, nuts, figs, baked potatoes with skin and All Bran. Higher magnesium and calcium intake is said to result in having a baby girl instead. So try to reduce eating dairy products, legumes and leafy vegetables.

Food intake is not just the factor that you need to consider if you are trying to conceive a baby boy. It is also important to take note of the day of ovulation and consider the sexual position. Positions that have deeper penetration is said to help the sperm. It increases the chances of the sperm to rich the egg cell before it dies.

Remember that sperms, which allow you to conceive a son is weaker than the sperm that lets you conceive a daughter. Lessening the distance that the sperm travels going to the egg will increase the possibility of still having healthy boy sperm.

Conceiving a baby is already a blessing for a couple. It does not matter if what you are conceiving is a boy or a girl. It is always important to take care of our body not just for our selves but also for the baby. Get more ideas from alkaline foods list.

Top 10 Alkaline SuperFoods For A Great Health

Everything that we eat is classified as either alkaline or acidic food. The foods’ effect to the body determines if they belong to the acidic or the alkaline group. The acidity and alkalinity of the food is measured through the pH or the “potential hydrogen”. In the body, the higher the pH level is a sign that there is more alkaline and oxygen supply in the body fluids and the lower the pH level means that the body fluids are more acidic and contains less oxygen. Thus, eating more alkaline food largely contributes in the overall health of the body, especially in maintaining the body’s pH balance which is very essential and effective way of achieving optimum health.

The contemporary lifestyle is characterized with eating too much chemically-produced and processed food as well as with less physical activity. Today’s busy and fast-paced lifestyle leaves a lot of people with no time in preparing hearty and nutritious meal. Some people heavily rely on “microwaveables” and fast food to ease their hunger. Some people have no time or too busy to even watch what they eat. Thus, acidic foods are piling up in the body’s system.

Importance of Alkaline Foods

Alkaline foods are important in the body and are vital in a person’s health because it increases the amount of oxygen that is presents the bloodstream and is an essential element in different body processes and functions. Eating alkaline foods are of vital importance in the renewal and restoration process of the body as well as in the prevention of the building up of lactic acid that can be detrimental to a person’s health. The alkaline diet is a good and scientific way of maintaining your body healthy and strong. Eating the right foods is the primary way to keep your body’s pH balance at the normal level.

Eating alkaline-rich foods are very important in keeping the different vital organs in functioning well and optimizing the absorption of various vitamins and minerals. It is also important that we keep the body’s pH balance because a body that is leaning towards acidity may have negative consequences in a person’s health. Highly acidic diet may lead to cardiovascular diseases, sterility, problems in breathing and developing various terminal illnesses.

Top 10 Alkaline Foods

There are a wide variety of alkaline food choices that are beneficial to one’s health. Here is the list of some of the alkaline food that you must eat in order to achieve holistic health. Most of the time, fruits and vegetables are the good and rich source of alkaline properties. So, you must include a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet.

  • Lemons – lemons contain a pH level of 9.0 and rich with electrolytes which can give the body with added strength and endurance. It is one of the most effective cure or relief to colds, cough and flu.
  • Watermelon – watermelon is also alkaline-rich food with the pH level of 9.0. This particular waterous fruit is effective in fasting and colon cleansing. Watermelon is also rich in lycopene and beta-carotene.
  • Agar-agar – agar-agar is an organic gelatin that is derived from seaweeds. It is very richin fiber as well as in calcium and iron.
  • Cayenne – these foods contain a pH level of 8.5 and high in enzymes that are essential in the endocrine system. These foods are rich in vitamin A and are perfect anti-bacterial properties.
  • Mango, melons, papaya– these foods are vitamin-rich foods that largely helps in colon cleansing. The fruits are diuretic, which is quite beneficial in the kidneys.
  • Asparagus – this vegetable greatly lowers the acidity in the body. Asparagus also contains asparagines which is an important amino acid in the nervous system.
  • Natural fruit juices – fruit juices derived from fresh fruits and vegetables contains natural sugar compounds or fructose that does not form acidic compounds in the body. Fruit juices contain a pH level of 8.5. Fruit juices also contain flavanoids and pytochemicals that are beneficial to a person’s health.
  • Grapes, pineapple – this food group contains a pH level of 8.5. Grapes is one of the wonder fruits that is rich in anti-oxidants as well as in vitamins A, B and C. Grapes regulates the blood circulation and lowers the blood pressure as well as the risks of acquiring cardiovascular diseases. Pineapple, on the other hand, is rich in fiber and antioxidants that can help you in trimming fats and contour your shape.
  • Apples – “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” With the pH level of 8.0, apples can lower the level of acidity in the body. Apples are also rich in enzymes that can keep the body’s hormonal balance
  • Bananas, berries, garlic – this food group contains a pH value of 8.0 and very rich in antioxidants. Garlic and berries can help in regulating the blood pressure.

Eating alkaline-rich foods is beneficial in a person’s health and a slimmer and healthier body is no longer a dream but is attainable by incorporating alkaline-rich foods in your diet.