Many people love watermelons. Why? Watermelons are great way to quench your thirst. A single watermelon can give enough juices to bring back the juices that you have lost. A slice can already satisfy your need.  And watermelons are sold for a good price.
Watermelons and Its Past

Watermelons grow in tropical places. They are hostile against hot temperature but they need the right humidity of the tropics to get enough growth as well to bear good fruit. Watermelons can be fruit tree or bush, or it can be a vine.

You can find varieties of watermelons. There are watermelons with yellow flesh and there are ref fleshed watermelons. You can easily check variety of the watermelons with the peel texture. Usually, the skin of the watermelon is a freckled texture lined with green and red segments.

Watermelons are said to have grown in African places. Vines of watermelons grow intensively in the dense forests of Africa. However, seen cultivation of watermelons was found the banks of Nile River. The great irrigation of the Nile River plus its tremendously rich soil gives the best benefit for the cultivation of the first watermelon plantation.

Right now, watermelons are cultivated in many places. You can find watermelons in any country. Varieties of watermelons are grown in the valley of the United States and in areas of Asia. Plantations of watermelons are also found in Western Europe.

Watermelons and Alkaline

The food that you eat can either be alkaline or acidic. The pH level of the food determines the alkalinity or the acidity of the substance. The average pH level is pH 6.0 and any food with lower pH level is acidic while foods with pH level higher than the average are alkaline.

Watermelons are in the family of lemons. Lemons have high alkaline level making it a great diet for those suffering from diabetes and gall stones. Watermelons are great source of nutrients to prevent these degenerative diseases.

Acid reaction triggers the spread of cancer cells throughout the body. Acid also stimulates the growth of diabetes reaction among tissues which may result to diabetes mellitus. On the other hand, alkaline isolates the reaction of these diseases and prevents the spread of the disease.

Watermelons are the most alkaline fruits with the pH level of 9.0. The fruit must be in your plate if you want to avoid degenerative diseases.

Watermelon Benefits

Watermelon is a citrus fruit with high Vitamin C content. Vitamin C is an important element to strengthen the body immune system. Vitamin C forms a bond with magnesium and cobalt to further the immune-activity of the body to fight harmful effects of the environment. Moreover, Vitamin C also secures the skin of the person to fight effect of skin aging.

At length, watermelons contain essential nutrients that help in clotting. Most citrus fruits have the character of clotting wounds both internal and external. Most patients in hospitals are encouraged to eat slices of watermelons to help in the wound clotting as well as to hydrate the person’s fluid.

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