Dried Dates

Dried dates are popular among dieters. The sweet taste of dried dates has been the favorite of many people complemented by the great nutritional value. Most dieters love dried dates because of the nutritional content that can be extracted out of the date seeds.

Dates originally grew in the desserts of Africa and Asia. Dates grow in oasis near area. Although, date palms can survive tremendous drought but hostile environment without water will cause barren palms which rarely bear fruits.

Right now, you can find several plantations of date palms. You can several of these plantations in Western America, Central American regions in Peru and Argentina, and it other areas of Europe with other plantations scattered in the desserts of Africa.

Dates are expensive. They taste good and many people love to get the best of the nutrition in the date seeds. In fact, a single date seed contains 80% of sugar while the rest can be protein, magnesium, cobalt, zinc, fiber, selenium and calcium.

Many experts see a tremendous rise of dried date industry because of the current need of food substitute for those losing weight. And many companies are seeing the potential of dates as a great nutrition supplement.

Alkaline and Dried Dates

Alkalinity of the substance increases in proportion to the decrease of acid present. And most acids appear in liquid or aqueous substances. Date seeds have amount of acids but as it is being dried up under the blistering heat of the sun, carbon reaction diminishes the acid content.

Dried dates are alkaline. When you eat dried dates, you are actually taking in alkaline reactions to your body. Alkaline has lower tendency to react with vital organ diseases. In fact, most of the vital organ diseases like cancer, diabetes mellitus and gall stones are produced by low-alkaline substances. Acid reacts tremendously with human cells risking contamination of vital organs.

Plus, the 80% of sugar present in the dried dates allow the body to transform the energy into amino acids from protein giving the body a far better energy resource rather than the reaction of the body with acids to burn foods.

Dried Dates Importance

The best feature of dried dates is its nutrients. Losing weight necessitates the right food regimen that will keep the biggest cut of your food intake without cutting the necessary supply of the vital nutrients. Dried dates have the necessary protein to readily develop the body. Nutrients like cobalt and magnesium forms the bones of the body.

On other hand, the right energy that the body needs can be easily supplied. 80% of sugar present in the seed is a good source of glucose. The glucose will be transform into fructose which will be used by the cells to power up the mitochondria to facilitate body activities.

Dried dates are also fibrous foods. Fiber helps the stomach to digest food compounds. Fiber helps the digestive as well the excretion food waste. Dried dates help the digestive tract to release harmful toxins which may hamper the digestive tract creating a series of problems in the liver and other glands like the pancreas.

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