Celery, also known as Apium graveolens, is a biennial plant that belongs to the family of Apiaceae. It is characterized by a group of stalks with green leaves and white flowers during its season. It is connected to the family of some plants like carrots and parsley. Due to the health benefits that it can give to many people, this plant has been cultivated for medicinal purposes. Recently, it has been included in the daily diet of the people from around the world.

The celery is believed to have originated from the Mediterranean region.
During the classical period of Greece, this plant was considered as a holy plant. It is worn by the winners of Nemean Games, a game held in Nemea City, Greece that is similar to Olympic Games. According to the ancient literature, celery was domesticated long time before 850 BC for curative purposes. Its volatile oil found mostly in its seed is said to be the part of the celery that can heal people. Because of this, the seed has been used to treat various ailments such as colds, flu, poor digestion, arthritis, and diseases in liver and spleen. Aside from medicinal reasons, the celery has also been used in garland making, which has been found in the tombs of the early Egyptians.

Yellow and Green celeries are the two types of stalk celeries. The yellow celery, known as the self-blanching celery, is preferred to be eaten by the people in Europe and other country in the world. On the other hand, the green or the Pascal celery is chosen by the people in North America to be consumed either cooked or raw.

Celery plant is not only consumed to satisfy hunger. It is also used to flavor the food because of its aromatic leaves and to garnish the plate. It provides as well many health benefits which include treating high blood pressure. This plant is low in calorie which is perfect to loss weight. It is rich in calcium and is considered as a great replacement for animal products. But the most important of these all is that celery belongs to an alkaline forming food, a very important food component needed by the human body.

Human blood pH needs to be slightly alkaline, which means that the pH should be above 7.0. If the pH of the human blood is below 7, then it means being prone to diseases and symptoms such as emotional stress and low immune system. As an alkaline-forming food, the celery plant is very important in the human diet to compensate for the acidic pH. The diet of a person must include 60% alkaline forming foods and 40% acid forming foods to maintain healthy lifestyle. However, 80% alkaline forming foods and 20% acid forming foods should be taken in by the body to restore its health. If there is no alkaline forming food that will balance with the acid in the body, then there will be a build up of acids in the cells.

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