Cayenne Pepper

Pepper is primarily used in most cooking. Cuisines would be far better if chilly flavor is added to it. When you hear pepper, you usually think of some food. But not with other people, cayenne has far better use.

Cayenne Pepper: Healing Aid

Among Mayan healers, red pepper is an important additive to their herbal medicine. The last ingredient to any Mayan medicine is the cayenne pepper. Most Mayans believe that pepper can easily heal your diseases giving you the best cure with lesser hassle.

Cayenne pepper provides a way for the herbal medicine to soothe the body of the person. It serves as the enhancer of the ointment for the medicine to enter the spores of the skin. And red pepper gives tremendous chill and soothing effect on the person.

On other hand, among Asians eating red pepper helps to maintain the balance of the body system. It is believed by most Asian that eating raw red pepper develops strength in the immune system of the body to combat harmful effects of nature.

Brief History

Cayenne pepper is said to be first planted in the valley of Central America. It is supposed to be a part of old settlers’ weaponry. But as times passed, the weaponry becomes a medicine.

Today, you can find several cayenne peppers cultivated in the planes of any country. Peppers easily grow even in a hot climate. They are hostile to changing environment and even to various insects and pests.

More medicine companies are developing studies that will make use of the cayenne pepper as an important element to medicines. These studies are anchored on the old idea of the Mayan healers and some people in Asia.

Acid or Alkaline

Some peppers have considerable acid content.  Cayenne pepper has a pint of cid content as well. Cayenne pepper that is not dried has higher acid compared to dried ones.

The acid found in the aqueous portion of the pepper contains acid but as it is dried the pepper loses the acid content making it a great way to have the best of alkalinity. Most of these peppers are powdered or ground, the removing of liquid portion gives a great way to increase the tendency of alkalinity.

When you use cayenne pepper in your food or in your drinks (some beverages are using cayenne pepper to have the red chill flavor on the beverage), you are actually letting the alkalinity of the food to develop during digestion.

Other Benefits

Cayenne pepper has great impact on the cardiovascular health of the person. The lycopene and carotene present in the pepper are essential elements to give the cardiovascular system of the body strength.

The pepper helps in the circulation of the blood around the body. As the heart muscles are strengthening, it is easier for the blood to flow around the body. And cholesterol is eliminated by the heart nutrients in the cayenne paper.

Cayenne pepper may not be that popular but it can greatly give you the best of your health.

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