Bamboo Shoots

Bamboo shoots are the edible young shoot of a bamboo plant usually harvested before they are two weeks old. It is very popular as an ingredient in the Asian region cuisine particularly in China of the East Asia. It grows in most Asian countries like China, Japan, Vietnam, and Thailand. Westerners have been familiar of this since it is sliced, cooked, and eaten as a vegetable in Asian restaurants. Fresh bamboo shoots are available in Asian markets. They need to be prepared well before using it as a food ingredient. Aside from selling the fresh one, there are also canned and frozen bamboo shoots provided for the consumer. However, its taste is not as flavorful as the fresh one.

Fruits and vegetables play a very important role in providing a healthy and balanced body. These fruits and vegetables also contribute to a longer life span of an individual. Alkaline vegetables and fruits are much needed by our body to compensate with the acidic forming foods. The human body must contain about 80% of alkaline from the fruits and vegetables and only 20% of the food taken should be acidic. The reason behind the low percentage of the acidic is because too much acid in the body can lead to stress and low immune system.

The human body has a requirement of maintaining more than 7 pH balance, at least ranging from 7.35 to 7.45. Lower than 7 means acidic and higher than 7 is alkaline. The higher the pH balance is, the more alkaline it is and the richer is its oxygen and fluid content. On the other hand, the lower the pH reading is, the more acidic it is and the lower oxygen and fluid content it has.

Alkaline forming foods which include alkaline fruits and vegetables maintain the pH balance requirement. These foods are usually taken in to be part of the diet and to substitute some of the acidic food to lower down the acidic content of our body. An example of these alkaline forming foods is the bamboo shoots. Bamboo shoots are vegetables rich in alkaline that can compensate for the acidic food in the body.

There are people who might not like the taste of a bamboo shoot. However, you should always remember that this vegetable contributes to a longer life span just like the oriental races and healthier bodies because of its alkaline content. So, here are the basic steps you can follow so that you will enjoy the flavor of a young bamboo and at the same time get some alkaline that is needed by your body. First, let the bamboo shoots stay for at least 30 minutes in lemon syrup. Next, peel and cut some potatoes according to the number you like and mixed it with a glass of water, tomatoes and the lemon-dipped bamboo shoots in a container. Then, simmer all the ingredients for at least an hour. If you want a soupy dish, then you can extend for another 20 minutes.

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